In 2003 I completed my education for banking and insurance. During the training period I have followed several internships to gain practical experience. In addition, I found working at a small-scale office a lot more pleasant than, for example, a large banking or insurance company. At large companies, customers are sorted by number. In small offices there is much more personal contact with customers.

Immediately after completing my education, I started working as an internal sales employee at various advisory offices. Since 2005 we have started Skyline mortgages. In the first phase I mainly did administrative work. After obtaining my Certified Mortgage Adviser diploma in 2006, I started advising / guiding clients.

The nice thing about giving financial advice is that I can really improve the financial position of a customer. The appreciation of the customer afterwards gives me a huge satisfaction. Customers are genuinely happy if you have been able to help them properly with buying their dream home or improving the financial situation.

In order to be able to provide demonstrably better and higher-quality advice as a consultant, I obtained the Mortgage Planner Course (LHP) diploma in 2012.

In 2018 I passed the FFP course, Federation of Financial Planners. After obtaining this diploma, I am entitled “Certified Financial Planner”.

With these titles you show that the financial schedules of customers are brought to an even higher level.

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