Do you not know exactly which insurance policies or which category of insurance policies match your personal situation? Or would you like support and a personal point of contact?

Skyline Hypotheken takes a close look at your wishes and possibilities and comes up with suitable individual insurance policies or an affordable insurance package for the entire family.

Expert and personal advice

On the internet there are various providers and price comparison sites where you can take out insurance directly, of course this is also possible with us.

In addition, our insurance advisor offers something that many providers and price comparators do not do on the internet. An added value that we think is much more important than just showing the most advantageous monthly premium.

Are you curious what it is? It is very simple, from our office we advise on insurance in a personal and committed way.

We look for which insurances are necessary, which insurances besides a low monthly premium also have good conditions, so that in the event of any damage you will not find out that you have paid very little premium for years for nothing. You can always call us with questions about your insurance package, if you need help with damage or if there are other questions or problems about insurance.

The extra service, years of expertise and personal, tailor-made advice ensure that various private individuals have been and remain satisfied customers for years.

If you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment, please send an email to or call
+31 (0)180 712 860