Divorce is a major event that precedes an entire process. In most cases, the final decision is taken by one of them. We take this into account during the discussions.

In addition to emotions, you will also be confronted with many practical matters such as: How do we arrange the care for our children? Am I going to manage financially? Do we have to sell our house? Am I entitled to alimony? How much alimony do I have to pay? We have our own company, how are we going to arrange that? How should we handle everything legally?

Expert advice with a practical approach.

As an impartial and expert divorce mediator, I help you to make the divorce as carefully and smoothly as possible.

Together we arrange your separation from A to Z. During our discussions, all practical matters are discussed and attention is paid to the emotional side of the separation.

Getting out together so that you can continue

The point of departure for divorce mediation is that you both want to arrange matters well together. Even though there are still disagreements about certain subjects.

By laying down agreements in joint consultation now, you lay a good foundation for the future, in which you both can continue.

The introductory meeting is without obligation and free of charge. During that conversation you also know immediately what the costs are for the guidance of your divorce.

If you have any questions or if you would like to make an appointment, please send an email to info@skylinehypotheken.nl or call
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